Writer's Block

My Words, Your Escape

To say I’m hungry and in desperate need of a nap is an understatement.

Day 2 has been off to a sleepy start. I’ve gone to one keynote speaker and one panel, with another keynote and a panel to go. I nearly fell asleep during both- NOT because of the content- so now I’m wandering and chilling just to keep awake. I hope there’s cookies at lunch.

Speaking of lunch.

I am once again sent out into the hallway to the allergy table. I’m creating a sign this year so people don’t look at me funny.

One of the things I love about this is that I sat down to relax, and people just joined in and we’re chatting in our own awkward way. One just got a bite on a pitch, so it was fun getting to celebrate with her.

More later!

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